Ultimate Comparison of Top 4 SEO Tool: SEMrush Vs All Other SEO Tool.

As We Know That everything online now have become more Competitive than as it was in earlier days. Its been almost 10 years when I started working Online.
It was that time when i basically have ranked my many posts just by writing 1000 word post and without any Backlink with just Proper writing and That too on subdomains of Blogspot and WordPress.

That time we were not aware of the SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc..

That was a time and Now it seems to be like an era has been passed.
Many changes took Place in google Algorithm which made Everything more vast and now it has been next to impossible to rank on Some of the Keywords.
Though According to me Due to High Competition and Vast Search Engine Algos and Presence of Internet Black Hole which is “SandBox” is Making it more harder to rank on the first Page of Search Engine specially for Newbie.
But, As You Know ” When Villain Becomes More Powerful Then Hero Enters”
Same Happened Here The Heroes started Entering and started saving People with their Super Power and made Everything Easy and Still doing The Same.
Com’on lets Talk Seriously , Very Seriously!!
Ok, Lets Start by Reversing Our Story and We Will Talk About It Point to Point. Ready? Really..?
Then Let’s Begin,
Firstly, We Will Discuss About “Marketing Universe”
Here This “Marketing Universe” Consists of many Galaxy in which We are aware of Some Galaxy and Some Still Needs to be discovered. But We will Talk About Our Known Galaxy. which is

  1. SEO (This Is The Biggest Known Galaxy) 
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Advertising and
  4.  Competitor Analysis

So, To Conqer the Marketing Universe We Have To be “Nick fury” and we have To Develop a Team like “Avengers”. But Here Comes the Twist.
What is The Twist?
The Power of the Heroes Directly Proportional to the Money Paid. Money is basically the Weapon. Here “More Money Means More Weapons and More Weapons Means More Chances to Win”
Let me introduce you with the Heroes of different galaxy I have chosen very Popular Heroes (tools) there are many other though
Let’s see each Heroes based on the galaxies.
1. For SEO

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • SEMrush (Get 7 day Free Trial)
  •  Woorank
  • Majestic seo
  • Serpstat
  • Cognitive seo

2. For Content Marketing

  • Buzzsumo
  • SEMrush
  • Longtailpro
  • Serpstat
  • Keyword Keg
  • Ispionage
  • Moz
  • Kwfinder
  • Keywordtool

3. For Advertising

  • Serpstat
  • Spyfu
  • SEM Rush

4. For Competitor Analysis

  • Serpstat
  • Ispionage
  • SEM Rush

If you will start Marketing of your Business then you definitely have to go with the combination of the tools for example
If we will take only One Galaxy which is SEO alone, Then We have To work on various tool / Weapon like

  • SEO audit
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking

Right? For each thing You have to go with various tool which have these Functionality.
But, it will cost you very high which is obviously not fair for newbie and non techies. As who don’t know how to use the tools, would not recommend to buy such tools combination.
So, What is the Solution then?
Basically for overcoming this Problem Marketers are recommending A Key Tool Which Makes Everything Easy, It is a All in one Tool For “Search Engine Marketing”.
What is It Then?
it is …..,
Hell yeah, SEMrush Is the “Captain Marvel” Of Our Marketing Universe Which is the most Powerful hero till date.
You Don’t Believe?
Ok, No Problem!! I will Make you believe.
Ummm!! What should i do to make you Believe……..??
Ok, I have an Idea where i am going to Take all aspects of Marketing and i will take the tools for that and then I will compare all tools with SEMrush on various terminology. A well detailed Comparison.
Is that fair? Does this Sounds like a good Idea?
Then Let’s begin the Journey…
1. SEO
The First Thing which comes to our mind while Search Engine Marketing is SEO and Organic Traffic. SEO is the most famous thing because it results in Free Organic Traffic and Branding As well. So For SEO, These to be taken care of

  1. SEO audit
  2. Backlink analysis
  3. Keyword research
  4. Rank tracking

So We have many Heroes (tools) who is fighting to save the SEO galaxies but we have Saperated out few of them

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • SEMrush
  • Woorank
  • Majestic seo
  • Serpstat
  • Cognitive seo

So we will Take Each one and Compare them with SEMrush to Find Out Whether our Captain can Survive as their alternative or not.

So If you are Here then it is impossible to digest that you don’t know about SEO and its Tools Ahrefs And SEMrush As well.
So, Today We will Compare it by Going Deeper into their Analysis.
So What Will Be our Parameters to see on here.

  •  Domain analysis
  •  Site auditing
  •  Keyword research
  •  Backlink analysis
  •  Technical SEO audit
  •  Pricing and value for money
  •  Keyword competitor analysis
  • Easy to Use

 Ahrefs vs  SEMrush

As you Always know that Both the Tools are Competing each other in the Same Galaxy Which is SEO Galaxy.
And Both give Each other a Cut throat competition. So, we will see both the Tools one on another.

Domain analysis

This is What I Find Interesting about both the tool is Domain Analysis. In Domain Analysis The Tools Basically Give the Overview of Domain Performance.
This will help us to learn how Powerful our Villain (Competitor) is. This gives us Idea what should i improve to fight with them. So that you can Train Yourself According to their strength and weakness.

Lets see the Result first. I am choosing the most famous website of India that is “sarkariresult.com” 

You have seen the Screenshot of both the tool, What we found? Let’s come to Organic Search Traffic

Ahrefs Shows :- 15.9 M

SEMrush Shows :-  65.4 M

Why This Much Difference in the Result of Both The Tools,

Though there is no doubt that this website has huge traffic but now in these Pandemic Situation visits must have gone down. Ok Lets take another tool which is famous for Traffic analysis, its Similarweb

As You  Can see It is Showing the Total Visits as :- 25.81 M

Ok lets Compare The Data then It Comes Most near to Ahrefs Data Which is 15.9 M

So Here i Can Easily Declare that on the Exactness Of Visitors Data Ahrefs Wins. As According to current Situation Views Must have Fallen and yes a Big win To Ahrefs.

 Backlink Analysis

Now Let’s Come to Backlink Overview.

Ahrefs shows:- 416 K

SEMrush Shows:- 137.2 K

Again Huge Difference of around 3 Times. Currently We can not Judge whose Data is more Accurate.

We will come to know about this in later Comparisons. means this Question will be answered when we are going to Compare it by Other Tools.



Now Lets come to

Referring Domain:-

Ahrefs Shows:- 2.4 K

SEMrush Shows:- 2.1 K (If it is not visible to you, check in backlink section of SEMrush Screenshot, below No. Of Backlinks.)

So, This Looks Somewhat like we are comparing two giants because their Data is so Close.

Both have approx. same data it is equal, So both Tool Is going to Share this Point.

 Keyword Analysis


Now We Will Take One more thing in our Analysis Point  that is Keyword (organic Keyword)

Ahrefs Shows:-  158K  

SEMrush shows:- 106.5 K 

If we See this Data then we cant go in favour of any tool Then This point will also be shared by Both The Tools

Site Audit

Both The Tool has Ability to Do Site Audits. So if you want this Tool just for Site Audit then i Think you can go with any one .  

But If you want any other features then check it accordingly and go with the best tool.

Easy to Use

I can say that Ahrefs is more easy to use because everything is in front of eye.

For using SEMrush you need to be a bit logical to use Filters. 


Lets come to Pricing 

Both Ahrefs and SEMrush have very competitive Pricing. 

Ahrefs:- $99/ month

SEMrush:- $99.95/ month

If you ask me, both tool worth its Price. Go with any one According to your need

Other Feature

If you go on Other Features  like ranking / Position tracker, content competition analysis, Advertisement, both are good at it. In advertisement SEMrush Provides much better Results and reports.

Who is The Winner 

it will be declared later in upcoming comparisons.

 SEMrush Vs Moz

Again The comparison of Two Champions Are  here. but Before that i am going to see some of the results. for example this time we took backlinko.com which is the most ppular website for SEO training

Ok, have you seen both the Screenshot?

Then Lets Analyse

Domain Authority 

MOZ Shows :- 63 as DA

SEMrush shows:- 69 as Authority score

Both the tools Shows Approximately same value.  Yes, There is a Very small Difference this Might be Because of different some Parameter which may be different in both the tools.

 but As we know that DA (Domain Authority ) is the invention of MOZ so we are going to trust Moz but SEMrush is still showing good score so this can be ignored. Both the tools are good at it my point goes with both.

Referring or linking Domain

MOZ  shows :- 26.2 K

SEMrush Shows:- 24.2 K

Again Both are showing Similar result so i can say again this Point goes with both the Tools.

Keyword Analysis


Now See this image here you will come to know about Ranked Keyword.

Ranking keywords shown in MOZ:- 85.4K

in SEMrush You Are seeing it :- 53.9K (in USA)

13.2K (in India) 

and 10.4 K (in UK)

and other are not showing , To see you have to click on each Country and see.

So according to me The Data Again is Same. So, Again Point will be  Shared. 


Now Let us talk about one more thing,

which one is more easy to use?

 I will say SEMrush according to Me is More easy to Use. 


As you already Know the SEMrush Pricing Let’s know about MOZ Pro Pricing..

You can see the Price is Again the Same

MOZ Pro:- $99/ month

SEMrush :- $99.95/ month

The Pricing is same as it looks like all the SEO tools have made a lower limit to be $99.

Other Feature:-

Many Features are same and they are sharing the Point but MOZ pro has One Extra Feature that is Spam Score which obviously help you to find out and reduce it.

As lower the Spam Score Means More chances to grow up.

Accept this SEMrush has everything that Moz Pro has but it has far more thing which MOZ Pro is Lacking. and It is Easy to Use.

 Who is the Winner?

IN all features Moz and SEMrush shares equal marks but,

To Use more Features You have to take help of other tools and that cause in cost Increment and so I will Recommend You to Go with SEMrush.


Because it has more feature than MOZ pro.


SEMrush VS Majestic

Majestic SEO is Basically a Backlink Checker and Link Building tool. 

As it is Limited so we are going to check only those Feature which is very unique and hence let’s  see the Results then, In this We have taken “Flipkart.com” so lets see what it shows.

Backlink Analysis

You have seen the Screenshot of both the tool, What we found? Let’s come to No. Of Backlinks.

Majestic SEO Shows :- 26.9 M

SEMrush Shows :-  66 M

 Why This Much Difference in the Result of Both The Tools, 

As we have also Seen the same Issue in the Case of Ahrefs Where we have Seen The difference if three times again same issue is here. and there i have told that we are going to See whose data is more Accurate and now i think by seeing this result i can give Statement. 

that “the Backlink Data of SEMrush is not as Accurate as Ahrefs and Majestic SEO tool because all the time it is showing more no. of Backlinks.  ” So In Previous case there was a clear win of Ahrefs tool

And Here also I am going to Provide the Point to Majestic SEO.

Ok Now Let’s  move on..

Referring Domain and IP’s

I would say that SEMrush is Compared with the Tool and the referring Domain Data  are Found to be almost Similar. But Here,

Majestic shows :- 29.8K (Referring Domain ) and 20.4 K (Referring IP)

SEMrush Shows:- 45.1K (Referring Domain) And  41.4 K (Referring IP)

Here again both the tools have big difference which is about 1.5 times. 


As you Know SEMrush has more Accurate data of Referring Domain and IP’s ( As we have Compared it with two best tools Earlier and came to this result).

 so I will Provide This Point Fully to the SEMrush.

Other Features

if you will see SEMrush There are many  things or features which SEMrush leads with Majestic SEO tool.

majestic seo

But When You See Majestic SEO tool there is one thing which is i can Say Unique, which no other tools have that is “TOPICAL FLOW”

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation  Flow

Lets Us Understand What is this? and How it work?

It basically deals with Backlink and its Loyality.

Suppose, If you have a Website which deals with Medicine ans self health care, Herbs, yoga and something related to health then, Whose Backlink matters a lot to you? Obviously the Doctoral websites and health Sites or someone who deals with  your Proper Topic. Right?

Suppose if any Ecommerce site refers you and give you Backlink but it is not that valuable as comparison with that Doctor Site. right?

So Search Engine Also Understand this and trust those Backlink and gives those Backlink more Value. 

And This Tool Majestic Provides you the same Score that how Much is the Trust Flow of your Backlink you gained from any website and this will help you to find the best type of website to take link from. 

Similiarly, Citation Flow work.

Let’s Know What is Citation?

Citation is also a type of Backlink Which Any website directly refers by Using the term called Referance, Source, Even when Someone Provide a Link in the Description of Youtube Video That also called Citation. 

So, Now i hope You Understood What is Citation. 

And when these type of Backlink comes from any Content from same Topic then This Type of Links are more trusted and hence it is measured by search engine and take it as Ranking Factor. 

So Majestic SEO Provides these Features and This according to me is a Unique Features.


.We Already Know the Pricing of SEMrush . Let us see the Pricing of Majestic SEO

Pricing of SEMrush Is:- $99.95/ month

and majestic Start with :-  $49 / month

I am happy with the pricing of Majestic  SEO tool but i won’t recommend to go with Majestic because for extra feature you have to Buy other tool and cause in high price .

Now Which one is easy to use?

i would say both the tool  is same in the field of usability.

Now, i know  For what you are waiting for?

Who is the Winner here ?

Here i Will declare SEMrush a One sided Winner because of its feature and also the competitive Pricing.

What I say?

Ok If you want me to tell Then I would say that we have made a comparison with various tools and Found That There are best tools of each category if you have lots of money then you must go with the combination of best tool but, 

 if you are a newbie then comes the twist and you can not afford multiple tools and for that case i can say that SEMrush is the best tool for all your needs.

 If you are a blogger and want to work on your Blog then SEMrush is the best tool. though you also can go with Ahrefs and Serpstat but If you are an Affiliate marketer then SEMrush is the Only tool you need as a Starter. SEMrush is All in One SEO tool. 

 If you want to start an Agency and i starting days you can not afford the tools then SEMrush again is your best friend. You can Do Site Audit, You can do competitor analysis and you can also spy on your competitor.

 You can also check what ads your competitor is running and what is the conversion they got and many same type of things you can go on.


If you want any kind of Help You can Contact Me


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